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• 0A-2A fully automatic battery charger & maintainer
• Waterproof--sealed from dust, oil & moisture to prevent corrosion
• High-frequency technology--user simply hooks it up, plugs it in & turns it on;• Reverse-polarity protection
• AC low-voltage compensation ensures maximum performance when used with extension cords
• Connects to battery via battery clips, 12V DC accessory plug or battery ring terminal

Ladder Mount provides premium protection for gutters against ladder scuffing and damage. It also provides a safe and secure ladder docking station for ladders. Snugly fits over gutter brackets and ferrules for enhanced stability and ladder support. Safety is paramount when it comes to getting on a roof.

Ladders which are not secured can kick loose or slip while leaning unsupported against eves troughs and gutters, this posing a serious risk to ladder users.

Ladder Mount's patent pending design transfers the weight of the ladder to the fascia, not the gutter. This provides maximum support for the ladder, while preventing gutters from bending and getting scuffed by ladders.

Ladder Mount additionally docks snugly over gutter brackets, ferrules and spikes providing an additional level of stability and safety.

Molded from durable polyethylene resin in traditional Pantone Yellow, this tool is a corrosion resistant and highly visible tool the probably wont go missing on the job site.